One day i will also become someone

Francisco – 9 years old helped in Ressano Garcia, Mozambique, by the João Batista Scalabrini Centre

My name is Francisco and I am 9 years old. I tried to cross the border into South Africa but at the border I was sent back, because I have no papers and they don’t know my parents. Now I don’t have the courage to go back to my village, because I don’t know where to go and because they will tell me I am a loser and I don’t know how to do anything. I found a place to stay in exchange for cleaning, the owner gives me food and when I can I go to the João Batista Scalabrini Centre, where I feel welcomed and protected. There are many children like me, I attend an English course and a baking course, I want to become a baker in London. As time goes by I feel stronger and better. One day I will also become someone.


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