Joy – 30 years old Nigeria – accepted into the Scalabrini Association’s Chaire Gynai project with migrants Rome

I crossed Africa as soon as I was 18, from Nigeria where my family had a farm I set out. I have never studied and I am good at working in the fields, my

 dream is to be a saleswoman in supermarkets. When I arrived in Libya my life changed because I was sold and taken to northern Europe. The nightmare lasted three years, but I managed to escape and arrived in Rome where I found a place in a very big centre. When I told them my story they transferred me to another centre for single women like me, there I learnt Italian, but it was not enough. One day they told me that my time was up and that I had to find a place to stay, but I don’t have a permanent job because it’s not easy and I still can’t write well, I understand little and I feel too weak. A friend of mine told me about the Chaire Gynai house and I went to look for help. Raffaella opened up to me and we talked a lot, I felt understood and after a short time I moved in. In the house there are women and children who, like me, are trying to heal from their pain and are getting stronger every day. They helped me find a job with a lady as a carer and in the afternoons I attend a cooking class. When I am ready they will help me find a home and I hope with all my heart that I will succeed this time, because I am stronger now.


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