I hope that our life will become normal and better again

Rachele 27 years old and Paulo 7 years old Venezuela – helped by IMDH – Instituto de Migrações e Direitos Humanos – Boa Vista, Brazil (border with Venezuela).

My name is Rachele and I arrived here in Boa Vista with my 7-year-old son Paulo, his father left us when he was just born. The decision to leave was very painful because part of my family remained in Venezuela. But the more time passes the more there is no food and my son has not even started school. It wasn’t me who left my home, it was my home that abandoned us. In my youth I was able to study, I graduated in psychology and I have always worked, but today my savings are gone and I have to find a safer place for us. We crossed the border into Brazil alone, it was a traumatic experience, but Paulo never cried, he gave me courage and hope. At the border I met the IMDH Solidário workers who are helping us a lot with food, clothes and legal aid. We are initiating the necessary documents to apply for asylum, and in the meantime they have directed me to temporary accommodation where we can stay as long as necessary to understand what our steps will be. I hear from my mother every day on the phone and she told me that Paulo has become a gordito. Thanks to IMDH I will be able to sign him at school soon and I hope that our life will become normal and better again.


Condividi queste informazioni. È molto importante.


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