I help young people, who like me have a dream, not to make the same mistake i did

Edoardo – 25 years old Honduras helped by the Asociación Hermanas Scalabrinianas (AHS), Honduras

My name is Edoardo and I am 25 years old. My dream was to go to the U.S. and make music. I knew the path was risky and that everything would be decided on that train, but when you are young and have a dream you do everything to realise it, that’s how my father taught me. One night hiding in the dark on a pier I heard the noise of the locomotive and I did as I was told and jumped onto the train, but in giving myself a push I stumbled and I don’t know what went wrong but I lost a foot. I couldn’t let go and I held on until I woke up in Mexico on a cot with a bandaged leg. They wouldn’t listen to reason, I was escorted by the police, they dressed me and after five days they loaded me onto a plane bound for Honduras. When I opened the door I met the AHS nuns who helped me get proper medical care and a place to stay and heal. I can no longer try to jump on the train, because I might die, as happened to some friends, but I can still make music. Today I teach guitar to children and help young people, who like me have a dream, not to make the same mistakes I did.


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