I hope that our life will become normal and better again

Rachele 27 years old and Paulo 7 years old Venezuela – helped by IMDH – Instituto de Migrações e Direitos Humanos – Boa Vista, Brazil (border with Venezuela). My name is Rachele and I arrived here in Boa Vista with my 7-year-old son Paulo, his father left us when he was just born. The decision […]

My journey started when i crossed their

Constanza – 17 years old El Salvador Jennifer 2 years old – received into Instituto Madre Asunta – Tijuana Mexico – 2023 My brother lives in the U.S.A., he ran away because he didn’t want to join a local gang. My aunt, my father’s sister, a small, strong woman with red hair like me, raised […]

One day i will also become someone

Francisco – 9 years old helped in Ressano Garcia, Mozambique, by the João Batista Scalabrini Centre My name is Francisco and I am 9 years old. I tried to cross the border into South Africa but at the border I was sent back, because I have no papers and they don’t know my parents. Now […]


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